Lord, what is wrong with me. It is almost 3am in the morning.  Well let me update you while I am awake and you dear reader were sleeping, dreaming what ever dreams keep you tied to sleepy land. My boyfriend, who had been mostly unemployed since he was laid off in Febuary finally got a decent job, close to home, with benefits. Thank goodness. Now we are waiting for me to also either start the job I had quit the little Jumping Jack for or to find something different. We will see.

So what else is floating through my mind at this hour of the morning. Well one of those things is that I am in the mood for a party. Maybe a harvest party. Fondue, drinks and good time with good friends, neighbors and stuff like that. Give people a reason to come out to Kennesaw.

There is so much I want to do. I wanted to go on a Cruise this year… I will have to put it off till next and I wanted to go to London.. though I might still be able to squeeze that one in. And I wanted to lose about 40lbs this year.. really 50 but there is still enough year left to get on that once I can stabilize my time and eating habits a little better.

The car, yeah the Karmann Ghia, some of you forgot it, is down to a brake job and a replacement of the floor pans to make it drive able. Then I can get it and work on the interior. The seats are in good shape, a horrid color though. I think I will be cleaning them off and putting sheepskin covers on them.. or something, black carpeting and headliner and a new center console. and some fuzzy dice would be what I need to get it together. sigh I went through a lot of blood sweat and tears for this thing.  It is WAY over budget and schedule. but I can almost smell the completed car. soooo close.

Ok, so I know some of you are wondering though you have been very good at not asking. I truly despair of my porn site ever really getting put up. Besides budget issues, licencing issues and issues with the CEO with the vision of this enterprise. I have begun coding my own site myself.. but I am not sure that is the way to go from what I read on line. I will have to get better at coding and knowing how this thing works. Good luck to me, I need it.

Well those were the things that were keeping me awake. Hopefully I will be able to sleep now.



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