5:41pm I don’t have much time to write this…

But I was thinking and thinking and well. Love has been kind to me. I have never been in love with someone that didn’t love me back. I love with all I have, and no it hasn’t been enough yet. But I am here hoping that someday it will be.

The men that I can say have loved, I still love them or are currently in love with, I wonder how they are and what they are doing and if they are happy. I think today of the man that loves me now. And I know I am lucky.  I think of Cyclists and Architects and Computer Techs and smile. I have been lucky in love all three times.

Thank you Canondale for getting my love home when the Surly left him.

Thank you Hong Kong for being there when Atlanta wasn’t treating him right.

And thank you Cobb County for being the place he calls home and the place where he feels safest,where he was safest.

Thank you universe, for them thank you for the time, no matter how brief or how much it hurt or will hurt. Thank you making my heart big enough for them for the time I had them.

Sigh. I just hope that they feel a little charity for me. I did/do love them as best as I could for as long as they let me.

Sigh…. love.


P.S. if there is anyone listening. Please let someone else who fits them better, not the one I have …he’s mine. But the one’s I lost please let them find whatever it is that makes them happy…even if it is someone else. I had my turn for what it is worth I want them happy… ImageImage


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