7:01am sigh

So my artful boobie pic was taken down by the yahoo people. I won’t call them Nazi’s but I did think it. Oh well. Image I am not paying for it and god knows who’s children could see something that were fed with as babies. Anyway. I am two ways about it. They really are just boobs. I mean it isn’t like people put some faux value on them, even fill them with saline to make them look bigger. There aren’t many men out there who lose iq points because…oh they do… oh well. *shrug* At least they didn’t take down the barely covered soft pic I put up as well. Problay a lesser of two evils :P.

Oh damn that’s right.. damn daylight savings. I missed an hour of sleep. So it feels like 6:02am. Fuck. And I have to go to work (ick) and I have to be perky…well maybe one out of two isn’t bad.

So right.. today is day one of atkins. I will be keeping my carb count here. Talking about my sugar cravings, talking about my readings and keeping you posted on progress. Sigh. Oh and my workout thang. Got to work on that too. Shit that means I have to get up now to get ready… fuck it I am going back to bed for a bit. I better wake the man up though, so that he can check the alarm.

I will be writing a little later. Let me know if you want a copy of the boobie pic. I was pretty proud of it. All colorized and filtered by Photoshop.

Anyway, Later,



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