About the middle class….

My thoughts on the middle class and racisim….

Ok, If you are White and Male in America, up until the 80’s that was all you had to be to get by better than anyone else. And if any of the other’s were doing better… well a trip out to the woods and a rope would even the odds.

Now what has changed. It isn’t a war of the races… not really not any more. It is a war of the classes. It really always has been. Racism is a tool of the RICH man. Read, Rich man, not black man, not white man, not yellow man or any other color man, The RICH MAN. To keep the middle class fighting each other and distract from the fact that the RICH MAN is only getting richer.

Don’t you listen to the news. The rich are getting richer and we, the adults of this generation are making on average less than our parents did in the 80’s, inflation and stagnant wages. We are getting paid less for the same work. We are not making the money they made. Ever wonder why? It might be because we are not paying attention. Paying attention to what? The news… the shuffling of jobs and wages. The dismantling of the middle.

Social Security, ain’t secure. Pensions.. gone the way of the dodo. A raise has been replaced by the Cola, cost of living ajustment, that barely matches inflation. Health insurance is so pricey it might as well be a luxury, let alone dental and vision.. do you really need to see to work or have teeth for that matter? Ever priced homes in your area or even a decent car? Yet more and more of your money seems to be sucked in by taxes. But we still haven’t mustered the will to be more pissed about it.

Ok you want a test of my theory… Remember OJ? No matter what you thought about his guilt or innocence. He had the money to pay for the defense. MONEY. And no amount of real or fabricated evidence put him in jail.

Need another one? Michael Jackson….No matter what you think… he has been accused and put on trial TWICE. He hasn’t even seen the inside of the jail. And he won’t.
Wake up. The middle class needs to rise up and become aware that we are being lied to, pacified and distracted into fighting each other and not joining together into a force that the like has not been seen since the french revolution. Not that heads should roll but a little Robin Hood might be what we need to keep us in a place that looks like the middle and not like the working poor. We have to stand up for us and those in the brackets below us. Damn it they have declared war on us. Don’t just sit there.

Think about it,

While you are thinking… I think this video is something that everyone who works hard can relate to. I hope you do enjoy it. M.



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