All Hallows Eve

So I spent the weekend in Orlando. Went to Halloween Horror Nights, now I don’t know what it was like back in the day but when I went there was a whole lot of walking, not a lot to look at and though the company was cool I had more fun when I went to Creepers. Funnier too, the kids I went with, the fight I almost got into, or my boyfriend depending on the moment you are talking about. But it does beg the question… even if you are drunk, why in hell would you mess with a very muscular, 6ft3 in tall 300lb man, skirt that fight and then start talking crazy to his girlfriend.. as if she wouldn’t 1. kick your skinny white ass, 2. watch her boyfriend do it 3. watch her boyfriend and his boys do it. Idiot. So back to the horror nights, while I was there, we saw a bunch of horny demon chicks (they were hot.. and not too skinny.. mmm) I saw a very happy and needless to say horny boyfriend.. man I love him. And I am looking forward to moving 2005 out and seeing what 2006 has instore for me.

That being said. I have some news to impart, the site will be up, come hell or high water before Thanksgiving. Yes I am still looking for talent, female talent. So I will be going to clubs as soon as I get a car.. not too long now. Oh and for those boys that just can’t get enough big, thick, juicy and chocolaty, I am going to be on cam on the site… how interesting :P. I am going to be taking a lot of pictures for the site and a few for here so if anyone has any cool themes that they would like to see me do then let me know.

What else.. well not much. Regular life is moving forward. I am still happy and this is my favorite time of year. Go figure.. ok I am going to masturbate to some asian porn so I will talk to y’all later.




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