And when I should be giving thanks…

But just like a lot of things some things don’t work out. I was just cussed out like I was 18 years old again by my father. He was drunk this time and strangely more elequent.  But he seems to have settled back into wanting to control my sexual preference and behavior. Since I have spent an increasing amount of my almost 30 years being my own woman I don’t think I will be told who I will be with now.

I wonder if he thinks that because I am older and a little more mellow that I will be bullied into conforming to his thinking… yeah well he will drink a beer with his ass first.  I think I will take me and my white boy fucking self away and really just forget them… it isn’t worth this.
Still not listening,

P.S. For those who know me and know this situation… thanks for being there for me when I was upset and in reading this… being there with me again. M.


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