Any one can be a racist…

shelly_jin10: a black sista with a white brother yuck
Mocha: bots with social comentary? are you serious?
shelly_jin10: you must be a good dick sucka cause that’s what niggas like you do best
Mocha: I am sure you think so.. If that is all you really have to say on the subject of who I am fucking and why I am not fucking who you think I should then really why don’t you go away.
Mocha: Even better your message of hate and bullshit is so tired. Go preach to the klan with that. They are more likely to listen.
shelly_jin10: 2 fat people together i wonder what kind of action is there
Mocha: wait.. you are some white dyke bitch?
Mocha: are you serious?
Mocha: ok crack monkey. I am going to go now.

So why am I wasting blog space with this shit? Mmm, good question.  This exchange made me wonder when anyone decided they had the right to dictate to someone else who they should be in love with, fuck, make a life with. I mean I am catching hate from someone who on their profile says that they are a white woman and a lesbian.  Pots and Kettles I say. But when did love and sexual attaction became something that anyone could judge. Now I am not saying that people should go out and marry their sisters or their daddy’s brother. But what I am saying that short of a match that would cause genetic issues why would anyone bother with anyone else’s sexual preference.

I was actually going to write about why I, as in me, only preferred white men, in general as opposed to the obvious answer of a black dude.  With all the reasons being valid to only me, as it is my body and my life to do with as I see fit.  But I hadn’t gotten around to it… till now.

So for all those who might be wondering. Here it is. I like white men, I always have. Even before I realized that people where racially different. Then when I found out that there was some precieved idea that one was different from the other because of the skin tone I still liked the look of pale men. I have caught hell for this.

I was disowned by my father for marrying outside my race, I have had white chicks look at me with scorn, black dudes look at my mate with contempt and out right challenge them for me as if I were some kind of prize to win back. I have even people with children remove themselves from our presence because of my being with a white man. I have had white men mistakenly think that I might be interested in them just because they were white, as if they didn’t need to be a whole person before talking to me to begin with.  But I have had black men make that mistake with me too.

People try to label me, I guess to make themselves feel like they understand the world better. labels like, sell out, or white man’s toy… Sigh. It gets old really.

Someone told me that white dudes just don’t understand my culture. Funny, I don’t really understand current black culture. At least not from where some of these people either are or emulate being from. I come from the suburbs, my parents were middle to upper middle class and other than visiting some family in the projects, once in a while I was really never touched by that kinda life. I just wasn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, I went to mixed and black schools but I never felt like I fit in. The glasses, the nerdy attitude, the caustic wit. None of that sat well with my classmates and that was fine with me. By the time I was interested in dating I didn’t bother with classmates often, it was always someone pale.

Someone else was saying if I weren’t raised around a lot of black people. Sigh.. the truth is I was. But there are a lot of stereotypes and hype and bullshit that I see black people buying into about themselves. It makes me angry, but I guess my way of protest is to be me.  Even if it pisses off some people. And man does it.

But really who are we to say that one thing or the other is wrong in love and in sex? If it doesn’t float your boat, then it doesn’t. If you can’t live without it, then don’t, as long as you have a willng partner. If you can’t figure out why people do certain things that you won’t, don’t knock till you tried it. And if you can’t say something nice, shut the fuck up.

Love as thou wilt,

Mocha, a proud southern, left handed, bisexual, bbw, black woman in the south loving her white man.


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