Cat Fight? Hmmmmm

I was watching CNN or some such nonsense and it seems the Mrs. OBama and Mrs. McCain had some words to throw at the media at each other. It would seem that Mrs.Obama made the mistake of saying how she really felt about something when she said that in her lifetime this is the first time she was proud of her country. Mrs.McCain took the time to tell us that she was always proud of this country. I decided to think a little about both stances.

Mrs.Obama… Let me see. She said something that I have to on a lot of levels agree with. I am not going to say that up until now I have never been proud of my country. I am saying that I take everything with a grain of salt and I believe that there are areas of gray everywhere.

For those who didn’t realize this I will tell you that this has been built on the backs of some group of people. Yes, this country was built on the oppression of others. African Slaves, Irish, Italian, Eastern European, Chinese, Japanese, Native American genocide and of course others. I am just making a broad sweep. What I am saying that for every good thing this country does you have to remember that someone is getting shafted in some way to make it possible. And people who are the great great grand children of the oppressed know this.

Mrs. McCain.. well I can understand pride in country. I cry and feel pride when I hear the stories of Americans who took a stand for the country and against the government when it was wrong, or the government standing up for the common man. But that isn’t something that happens everyday.

I think that Americans can do with a healthy dose of paranoia when dealing with the government. There is no reason to think that it is out for your best interest in general. There are too many times where government has done it’s best to erode the rights of the people, trample on the consitution and whatnot to get it’s way.

So, yes, on some level I agree with both of them. I am proud but I carry a really big salt shaker…


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