Damn ADD

So yeah my ADD or ADHD depends on who you ask is really getting to me. I am tried of not remembering shit I should or forgetting basic shit when it would be a good idea that I remember like where I put my good bra last night or I hope my glasses aren’t in the fridge again. LOL, yes it has happened.

Other things. I really can’t get started on the NiteFlirt thing until I after I move as I think I need a land line. But I did create the listing and I am creating more and damn it this time I am coding my own page. But it will give me time to go on and start a new blog about my Phone sex adventures and maybe have a few real life sexual adventures to write about here. Or else I will have to resort to fiction. I mean really can’t I get laid by someone who knows how?

Speaking of skills in the sack. When did kissing and proper seducing fall out of style? Dudes want to impress me with their sexual skills stop telling me you love me or that you want to use whips and chains or want to fuck me in the ass and get back to the basics. Kiss me, really kiss me. I don’t want to feel clammy hands, taste your dinner or feel like I was kissed by a girl. Yes, it has been my experience that most women I have kissed couldn’t kiss their way out of a paper bag.

I want to feel strong arms surround me, look into pretty eyes and hear a deep voice rumble from a large chest. I want large hands and a wicked smile and damn it I want him to know what the hell he is doing or at least have the where with all to ask for directions.

Ok I will get off my soap box.  For now,



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