Damn Stalkers

I had a conversation with an online stalker that went like this:

wollverine2004m: suck me
Mocha: why would I bother?
wollverine2004m: cos i likeeeeeee u so much
wollverine2004m: i cant forget ur iddddd
Mocha: Image
Mocha: fucking stalker
wollverine2004m: ur the best mocha
wollverine2004m: i know im stalkin
wollverine2004m: cant stop

See this is not the kind of conversation that I want to have, with anyone. EVER.  If you are a stalker, can’t get enough of someone then you risk, besides receiving restraining order, you risk having your balls doused with gasoline, set fire, roasted till medium, having peanut butter spread on them and then fed to hungry yorkies. You don’t want that, I don’t want to do it, why don’t you just stop stalking. Fucking stalker.



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