Entry for May 20, 2006

Dudes sending me messages and turning out to be turd princes is exactly why I hate meeting new people. Here the latest bad conversation…

another guy: u and ur hair still around  *I was braiding my hair*

another guy: geez

another guy: hi

another guy: r u still around

Mocha: yeah *at this point I didn’t really want to talk to him. He decided that he was totally interested in my cam. I had already told him no. I said it nice, I said it not so nice and then I basicly said fuck off. He decides to message me again and well I was stupid, I answered.*

another guy: k

another guy: like going to war

another guy: chating with u

another guy: lots of walls

Mocha: ok. So… what do you want to do then? *Hoping he would just give up and move on to some other chick who is willing to do his bidding and say what he wants to hear. Blah blah*

another guy: climb all the walls chat with u

Mocha: mm you would have nice arms if you do that. *I can’t remember if I saw a pic. I don’t know why I was nice there. (shrug)*

another guy: am tall

another guy: i can manage

another guy: so u busy

another guy: free

another guy: to chat

Mocha: I can type.. I did a lot..no where near done.. but mm you are a glutton for punishment *and he was*

Mocha: 😛

another guy: ur a sweet gurl…. with a hot chilli temperment…. u should have been a boxer * I am sweet, but I have little patience, I don’t do things that people want me to do when the want me to do them. I like having my own space and when I don’t want to interact with people… I don’t.*

another guy:

Mocha: I did enough fighting. I am what… like 12-2

Mocha: beating up my sisters doesn’t count though.. I am only counting the boys who I beat into the groud.

Mocha: ground

another guy: ok

another guy: no use asking for ur cam is it not

Mocha: you know it isn’t going back on till the hair is done. So no you have used your cam tokens for the weekend. *again with the cam. I knew that was why that tard was bothering me again.*

another guy: weekend

another guy: after u r not aroung for a week

another guy: thats sad

another guy: around*

another guy: ok

another guy: be cool

Mocha: well I have to work.*because he seems to think that I don’t have to*

Mocha: and I am using my time off to do my hair..

Mocha: so.. that means I won’t be on my cam till I am ready to get on it. Why is that such a problem?

another guy: lemme c if i can find a gurl with a cam here…….

another guy: ok

another guy: then bye tc

Mocha: Look if that is all you are interested, and I don’t care what you say, that does seem to be the case. Why don’t we stop this and you just forget I exist so that we don’t EVER do this again. We made a mistake and I can live with that. But I don’t want to be bothered with you bother me about that fucking cam.

another guy: bye gurl

another guy: ur too crazy a gurl to be serious with…..* I have a boyfriend.. what makes him think that I will be bothered with him too, or in addition to?

another guy: and all u deserve r shitheads *because a lot of men don’t take rejection well. I don’t bother with men who I think might me assholes and then show me that they are in fact an ass that has been fucked out*

Mocha: Mmm whatever makes you happy.

Mocha: Why do men feel the need to try to verbally insult a woman that doesn’t want to be bothered with them? I mean really. If I didn’t think you were a shit head I would still be talking to you. But you are no better than those knuckle dragging, bloodless penis life support systems that you say you are better than.

another guy: hahahahahha *at this point he is thinking of a clever come back.*

Mocha: You use your money and your ‘power’ to get what you want? Then go get some gold digging, cunt to fuck.

another guy: crazy as hell * no I am just bored and wish you would leave me alone and move on with your life, so I can braid my damn hair*

another guy: bye

Mocha: again.. whatever makes it easy for you to sleep at night.

john archie: ur crazy

john archie: bye

cuddlemocha: oh and thanks for the blog material. 

john archie: glad……..*again trying to think of something witty to say as a comeback… sad really*

john archie: bye

john archie: p.s- am glad i never met u * that was the point of me pushing you away, I long realized that you were a waste of my time and effort.*

john archie: now am more convinced

john archie: ur a vendative… lunatic u need to be in a sylum *Yeah I am vindictive*

cuddlemocha: mmm you need to be in a spelling class. I am also glad we didn’t meet I didn’t want to be bothered. Honest. *sigh.. mmm I wonder what would happen if I poked him with a sharp stick?*

Sigh.. Men.



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