Entry for October 18, 2005

Still working on trying to get the site together.. man I didn’t think it would take this long or that it would be such a pain in the ass. I have been working on that, working on trying to meet people who are interested in being in movies and print and a girlfriend for fun.

I am also learning that horny men don’t generally have enough blood in their brain to keep it shut before saying something rude, crazy, creepy or gross. I mean really if you think someone would think it was any one of those things, that maybe it would keep you from getting laid.. or what you want.. then why say it? Oh and my most favorite question to hate..how big are your tit, teats, jugs or whatever you call breasts…. I have big tits, if you don’t buy my bras then why the hell do you need to know? You don’t… so stop asking.

Ok so let me get off my soap box. My boyfriend and his mom say I am losing weight.. I can’t really tell. So I am working harder on it. I have got to get into better shape. I want to be able to watch the porn I am in. I know I can cater to a niche market.. but I would like to be more mainstream. Not hungry.. but not uber luscious either.

What else is on my mind.. oh getting the time to crochet the sexy things I like to wear to the club.. and stuff. Need some tops and some skirts.. really short ones. When I get my crochet site up I will let y’all know.




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