Entry for September 27, 2005

Mocha Smile

I know, I know. It has beena while since I wrote in this thing. I am bad about forming new habits. Which brings me to my next topic. Getting in porn shape is damn hard and it takes a lot of concentration. Why can’t I be fat and happy and horny damn it. Ok ok.. I don’t want to watch my ass jiggle more than needful on camera, while fucking…. eww. So I will work out, I will sweat and I will relearn how to like it.

What else is going on? Maybe something sexy? I wish. Nothing but the same ole, same ole. I wish I had a couple of fuck buddies.. but people aren’t real it seems. I wish I was better able to find chicks for films. But it will be better once I get a more steady schedule. Right now life is a little hectic. Ok, so that kinda catches you up. If you want to ask or tell me something feel free.



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