Erotica for the Plumper Set…

Erotica for the Plumper Set... magnify
So I have made no beans about being a plump girl. I don’t mind it and I have had the attentions of enough men to know that they don’t mind it either. So I decided to write some erotica. 😛 My writing skills, such as they are, my attempts to try to gather up stories and hopefully pictures that I can add to my site so that you all can be entertained in some way and hopefully come away from it thinking that plump girls ‘average’ women of any size, stature or shape could be attractive. And for those plump girls, that you in yourself think you are attractive. I hope you enjoy the story and the little pic. I plan and yes you can hold me to it, to update the story once a week with a new pic. Like I said I hope you like.


P.S. I didn’t draw that one 😛

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*no it isn’t work friendly but it isn’t that bad either :P*


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