Ever been threatened by a company?

So I am getting continued threats from www.adultcamstaffing.com. Here is the latest conversation:

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adultcamstaffing: then we start the game#
adultcamstaffing: As I wrote this blog in what.. July this is a little late. I can’t believe this is some big issue now. How did you find my god damn blog anyway. M.

Thursday January 25, 2007 – 08:15pm (EST)

adultcamstaffing: this is you last post on your blog#
Mocha: that is one thing that I wrote
adultcamstaffing: there is still written that you did not get paid from us
adultcamstaffing: so i will post a 360 blog as well just for you
adultcamstaffing: including wifrte transaction
adultcamstaffing: you if
adultcamstaffing: your contact and your personl info
adultcamstaffing: you can copy this yahoo i have no problem with that
adultcamstaffing: all this ill post on our cheating camsites url
adultcamstaffing: you can google that
adultcamstaffing: its a know site
adultcamstaffing: which is btw shared between several cam sites including niteflirt
adultcamstaffing: by3e
adultcamstaffing: in regards about privacy protection of your data
adultcamstaffing: phone number and so on which wil be found open on the net
adultcamstaffing: you can contact our lawyer in the netherlands which is the whois info you got
adultcamstaffing: its clearly stated in your contract which you signed that you do not openly discuss matter about our company
Mocha: Printing a retraction regarding www.adultcamstaffing.
This is regarding a previous entry that I posted and this is the conversation resulting this conversation and my formal retraction. ENJOY
adultcamstaffing: so you broke the contract
adultcamstaffing: we do as well
adultcamstaffing: have fun
Mocha: that is the begining of my retraction that I wrote on 1-26 again if you can’t find it that isn’t my problem. My problem is that you seem to think that you can dictate what I put on it. I did what I am obligated to do and printed a retraction. Since you seem so well versed in the art of surfing then find it. But don’t bother me about this again.
adultcamstaffing: sure
adultcamstaffing: you just lie
adultcamstaffing: thats the problem with you
adultcamstaffing: but you just met the wrong person now
Mocha: Your lawyer can contact mine here but we will not be talking here any longer I will not be bullied by you. And you can attempt what you will but I promise you that posting my personal information will be just as bad for business as any blog entry that I can make. Thank you

As you can see. I printed a retraction but they claim not to be able to find it. But they have no problem surfing and finding my blog entry about their dealings with me. Funny. Anyway. They are saying that they will be posting my info and such. Sigh. Can’t seem to find a decent place to work these days. Anyway I guess I will have to see how this unfolds.

This sucks,



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