Feeling better… sort of.

Ok, so I found that damn receipt. But I can’t get a refund on it for like 65 – 70days. Hardly the quick and speedy return I hoped for. But at least I know my mechanic isn’t lying to me about having cashed it. I am still pissed in general but now I don’t quite feel like a chump.

So what else is going on? Well I started a diet and exercise plan. I walked 3 miles yesterday (yeah me). I will see how I am doing with this in 90days. Wish me luck. Why do you ask would I start carving my curves? Well because they are abundant and I want to feel more comfy in my own skin. And I miss walking, it clears my mind. Eating right just makes me feel better. I have had enough birthday cake thank you. And damn it I want to get into my slut wear this summer so we will see how I do by May.

I have to get a new cam. I know I know. I will next week, hopefully. I will have to work on it.

Talk to y’all lata


P.S.I still hate the burbs, I am just not venomous about it.

P.P.S. God, I am so fucking horny. If I weren’t at work I would be watching gangbang porn and beating my pussy till I screamed the scream of the satisfied. Right now I wish I were getting fucking, jacking a cock in each hand and sucking the sweet precum out of a large thick, hard…. well you get the idea. Image I need some fuckbuddies… like 4 of them. Hmmmmm I will work on that. Lata


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