So we just wrapped up a video, (naughty of course), featuring a new actress, Ruby Wild. I am sure you are interested in some details of the shoot. Ok.

Ruby is about 5ft4 and maybe 90lbs. Now something interesting about Ruby is that she is Burmese. I never knew that there were such cute little chicks from that tiny place before, but if they all look like her then we should all take a trip :P. She is very tiny and super friendly though her english is quite lacking she is able to muddle though a conversation pretty decently. She bounced and wiggled for us on camera and we enjoyed it, A LOT. She shot a few scenes for us. A total pro when it came to getting to know our actors, Monti Long and Michael Blade. Canoodling and just making sure the wheels of passion were mmm well greased so to speak.

Well I can’t wait to see what else we get ourselves into.


P.S. Please check us out at if you are interested in being an actress with us as well as just to say hello. We LOVE new talent. M.


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