Finally something to write about

Since there were no innocent I didn’t bother changing the names:

Master Craig: whats up?

Mocha: tracking orders and such

Master Craig: cool so staying busy

Mocha: no just checking up on stuff till I hed to sleep

Master Craig: so how is u and yoru b/f?

Mocha: why?

Master Craig: just courious

Mocha: riiight

Master Craig:

Master Craig: y so quiet?

Mocha: Why are you fishing?

Master Craig: just making convo

Mocha: ah

Master Craig: would u like 4 me not to contact u ?

Mocha: Well to be honest I think that would be a good idea. I know you don’t mean to but I often feel like you are rubbing me the wrong way. More likely because I just don’t understand your point of view.

Master Craig: i am looking 4 friends with benifits

Mocha: Ah.. well since you don’t live in my town. I would have to say that I was never really interested.

Master Craig: ok …bye ty

Ok this dude pushed my buttons when he described himself as a DOM. I am not into DOMS, Men I want to top me, so to speak, are men who never would. I guess it is the craving something that I can never have frustration all over again. Anyhoo, this dude has been fishing for my attention and what not, playing the friend role for quite some time, about 4 months. Man he is always forcing himself in my situations or general dramas. I wish he wouldn’t as I don’t have much tolerance for it. But now since he has finally given up I don’t think he well be messaging me for at least 3-6 months. When he thinks I forgot about it.

Sigh and De Je vu,



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