Happy Mayday y’all.

agoodfriendofmine: re ya blog, loved Bridget Jones films as well .. classy brit films that actually deal with the way people feel and the way luck and timing often affects people so deeply … read some of ya blogs, i don’t like the n word, i don’t even like guys using it as a term of buddy chat amongst themselves .. re the blog about this year, hope ya loose some of the weight you hope to .. if ya do make it to London, and need a lift to ya hotel or any friends you are staying with let me know and i can pick you up if you fancy trusting a strange English guy you have never met lol .. if not would be nice to meet up for a drink if your schedule allows .. hope ya week goes o.k. love and hugs

Now that is the type of off line message I love to get. Something from someone who actually cares.  For those who I know care, thank you. For those who I don’t know care and do from a distance thank you.

For those who are just here for a quick mind fuck, to use me me or are just assholes, well you are probably not reading this anyway.



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