Hey, it’s been a while..

This has been stewing for sometime with me. I have been becomming more and more aware that people are just content to remain ignorant.

Case and point. I was, well I am still in BBW 10, chatting. The girls there just wanted to yak about Brit, Lohan and Anna Nicole. Before my mind imploded I decided to have a little experiment. I wanted to see if it was possible to change the direction of the conversation to something kinda important. At least it is to me.

I wanted to talk about the erosion of the middle class. A user in the room basicly said that they adhered to the taboo about religion and politics….. my response to that was:

“Well I can’t stand this any more. Politics is one thing. Believe me Religion is something I would never touch. But I think the taboo on politics is what keeps most of us in the dark about what is really going on. What if my republican friend turns me on to something that is going on that I couldn’t see as a independant. What if a democrat had an idea that applied favorably to us as middle americans. Doesn’t any one care that the gap from Middle to Rich is widening.”

No response back. None.. they ignored me, completely.

I want to be very clear. I don’t give one cold january damn about Ms. Spears or any of their ilk. I don’t care about their lives or what they do. They have people who they pay a lot of money to do that and even other people that get paid a lot of money to shoot it, film it or put it on tv. And I am not one of those people and I won’t do it for free. Why should I?

So what’s eating me? The cost of gas when we don’t have to use it anymore, (Alternative Fuels People). The economy and the dismantling of the middle class into more of a working poor. The idea that I am being taxed for things that I don’t want to pay for like for instance social security, this war, services that I don’t use and are redundant and not paying for things I need like healthcare. And watching my fellow Americans just sit and take it just for the chance to be entertained by … nothing.

It has been stewing in my mind for a little more than a little while and I am slowly realizing that maybe Americans are just weary. You know that rebellious generation, the hippies and social conscience types are old now. The Vets of the Vietnam Era are starting to look like The old WWII guys did in the 80’s. The Civil Rights movement, not just the Black Civil Rights, but all of them, those people are dying out. They didn’t raise this X generation to rally and fight. We are just sitting and stewing. We made fun of them but without them our apathy wouldn’t be possible. But I think we were raised with a certain amount of fatalism that isn’t serving us very well. We are adults now. I feel that we are going to fall with out a cry, not even a wimper.



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