I am slutty…. I am but…

I am not a whore.  What prompted this response… oh well read this…

jw200559: hi moca, I’d pay u to practice massage on me in kennesaw
Mocha: oh?
jw200559: sure, it it was fun
jw200559: what kind of massage would u do?
Mocha: I was apprenticed in swedish massage
Mocha: but that isn’t what you are looking for is it?
jw200559: lol, not really
Mocha: what exactly do you want?
jw200559: do u have a pic of self/ can answer once I see more of ur body
Mocha: see profile
jw200559: I did
jw200559: any with more of u in it?
Mocha: Ohhh. I get it. No I am not a whore, if that is what you are looking for then keep looking.

I am so tired of creepy assholes messaging me with this shit. I know I have a tendancy to come off as some sort of nympho if you don’t know me. But the thing is that he doesn’t know me.

I cam for money, some would call me a cam hoe, whatever, it pays the internet bill and buys me cute little things.  I also do phone sex, and I guess that makes me a phone hoe. blah blah. But I have worked in corp america and man I felt more like I was being raped in the ass working for big companies than I ever did working for myself. I mean, this dude can only suggest that I might be a hoe, an employer that makes me lie to the customer, or makes me back down from my principles makes me thier hoe and for not that much money either.

Just ranting,


P.S. I do practice swedish massage and I am looking for clients so I can continue to pay for massage school but I will not be doing anything remotely illegal for you so get over it. M


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