I am trying to find a new career

I got burned and burned out from IT. So, I don’t do it anymore. The commute is too expensive, the work gets mind numbing and the management that I have run into is lacking to say the very least. And according to personality and vocation tests that I have been taking it isn’t what I should be doing now.

So what am I doing in the mean time, right now to pay the bills I am trying to find a decent site to cam on. But I have been moving slow as the last site I worked for was kinda full of shit. I think I am going to go the independant route.  The other thing is that I have a regular job, again just to pay the bills, close to the house, pays me only 2 bucks an hour less than the IT job and it doesn’t tax me too much.

The this is that I have figured out that I would like to be a Massage Therapist. So the school I want to go to is about 10Gs to go. Yeah that much. I owe so much in student loans that I can’t get a loan. Sigh but if I can get 3500 to pay down then I could pay the rest off myself at 450 a month, it would take me about 16months to pay off.

But I guess the real thing is how am I going to come up with the case. I need to think about that. If anyone has an ideas I am all ears. Lata



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