I don’t like feeling like a owe a man anything…

Two things I hate are big shots and men who think they can just offer you something and you will do what they want. I am not a prostitute. I don’t care if you think that I am, I don’t really care if you feel like you know me or know what I do. I don’t sell my physical body for money. I am not that bright.

I am bright enough, however, to maintain the economic system of make selling pussy a lucritive venture by not letting someone have for free what they could buy from someone willingly. I know when someone is attempting to use me. I can feel it in my DNA. And I know that if I let someone do it then I am fully aware of it. I also know that when I am tired of someone using me that they had better get real and move on to a new patsy.

Men lie to me everyday, they lie to me about so much. Everything But I also know that unless I had something they wanted they wouldn’t bother. So I guess I could take the effort as a compliment. Riiiight.

I guess the dudes that try these scams on women think that women are either really stupid, gulliable or so super trusting that they can do this to someone. Basicly they don’t care about anyone else but themself. Which is never attractive. And it would work if it weren’t always so damn obvious.

What started this? Well. What started this rant was the offer to take me to Hawaii. This offer came from someone who I don’t know, bad sign #1. He wanted to view me on cam, bad sign #2. And the last straw was that he said he had been a doctor *I don’t actually like doctors or lawyers* and now he is a pilot, at 30. The final straw was that he kept attempting to direct the conversation into a sexual direction and I dislike that so much that I can’t begin to tell you. People pay me to talk about sex why would I talk to a total and complete stranger about something I get paid to do. Really? But the real point is that I am a woman that they don’t know, they wouldn’t do that in a bar to get my attention. Then why is it ok online? Because they are cowards that can hide behind thier computer and penis and that isn’t attractive either.

I don’t like men who are so penis centric that they don’t know how to relate to a woman in any other way. Using your money and influence on me with no personality doesn’t do anything for me either.

I wish more men would get real,



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