I don’t like it when people invite themselves to my house…

Especially when it is someone I used to fuck. Plain and simple. It is one thing to come over and say hello. But I don’t trust his motives. I know he wants to keep fucking me, he has said it. And to be honest I never considered him a friend, because I can’t remember any conversation that we have ever had that either wasn’t done naked or wasn’t about sex.

That doesn’t a friend make, at least to me.

I don’t like fucking him anymore. It isn’t something that he did. I just don’t want to be bothered you know? *shrugs*

Yeah I am feeling antisocial, mostly because I guess I want something interesting if I am going to be swinging around with a man or woman.  I just am not interested in something that would either get complicated or being with someone so callous that I don’t feel good about having sex witht hem. Really I think I am going through a monogamous phase. I seem to phase in and out of monogamy *shrugs*.

Wanting to be alone on a rainy day,



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