I have been having this really messed up dream

I guess I should tell y’all about it and get some imput.

Ok  the recurring dream works like this. I have my first ex in my mouth, the current in my twat and the last ex in a more rude place… if you catch my meaning. Anywoo, I am kinda like a sexual receptical and they are talking about me while they are using my body. The ex’s advising the current about me, my behaviors and just how to get along with me in general. They use me till they are satisfied and then get up and out of me. To leave me alone, covered in their evidence of conquest, slowing feeling it dry on and in me.

Fucked up right? Well I was wondering what that really says or really says to you about me. Other than I am fucked up. Constructive is the idea I am going for.

Thanks for the input,



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