I need a new Cam… sigh

So ok… my cam was about 2 years old. I know this because it is the last of the gifts my ex gave me for Christmas of the last year of our relationship. Now I am in a great relationship, with a great guy who loves me very much. I can’t believe I am thinking about that man I married, who I left because he didn’t want me anymore. Who made me feel like I wasn’t worthy of love, that because of feeling that way I almost missed out on finding love again. I am not even friends with that man…. over six years wasted… because we both made mistakes we could not forgive and didn’t try to fix. I don’t wish him ill and I hope he and Cider are all right. sigh.. I need a new cam.

On to other things. I have got to get laid more.. not that what I am getting isn’t good, it is great… I just need more. Damn I am a greedy ass. But really I have been thinking, dreaming, masturbating to the idea of more sex with more people.. preferably in large groups. Ok, I have been masturbating..*note to self, I need a new Brookstone TheraSpa back massager..for my err back* to the idea of gangbangs… and sex with aliens.. long story. But yeah gangbangs.. Am I a bad person? or just too horny for her own good? May be I need a playmate or 3, but what does a girl have to get laid by people she can still respect in the morning? I will have to think about it.

ok I will talk to y’all later.
Happy Valentines, may true love bite you in the ass and then at least put out.


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