I play this chick in a phone call.

Yeah. That is April. She is 21,5ft4, 123 or so pounds and a 34b. She is sweet and bubbly and highy corruptible and for 4.99 a min you can talk to her and she will accept you for whoever your sick, perverted, self indulged, self absorbed, too much money having, panty sniffing, underwater sex having, secretly gay or bi, run of the mill child molester ass is. Because at work I am a sexual therapist. I help you bottle those demons and keep smiling and being normal. At least I hope so.

But in reality. I am short, ROUND and very brown. Yes I a black woman, play a little white chick on the telephone. It isn’t hard. What is hard is pretending to give a damn about these dude long enough to fake an climax long enough for them to cum. Wheither it be 3mins or 80mins.

Why aren’t there finishing schools for men. A school to teach men how to be healthy sexually, socially and emotionally. I am not saying be a metrosexual with a good therapist. I am saying be a whole person that can accept himself and be accepted by society.

Audiophiles are weird,


P.S. For all you men that don’t like women with boobs or a juicy ass. I know you want to suck cock and you should probably come clean about that. M


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