I was putting off telling you what I was up to because I wanted it to be a suprise…

I was putting off telling you what I was up to because I wanted it to be a suprise… and I know some of you out there think of me as a fuckup. Or maybe it is the voices in my own head. Anyway.

I had quit my security gig recently to become a FedEx Van Driver. It was going to be great. I was going to contract for a year and then bid for a route of my own, eventually moving toward owning several and having something like stabilty and finacial success to finace my other dreams and goals.

I guess you know that didn’t work out. But of course I couldn’t just fuck up on the test and maybe try again later, no I go out and get caught up in a collision. 1. I am fine. 2. I got a ticket for failure to maintain lane and the other guy didn’t get cited.

So what happened. I was in the 40 foot truck and we were getting back from a field trip from the Mountains, I had had a wonderful time, apple picking and rustic stuff like that. Even picked up some pickled tomatoes and something called frog jam. But I digress.

When I was less than half a mile from the terminal I was hit by a white impala driven by some young black male. Sigh. I was in the right lane going west and he was behind me on the left. I was told move to the left lane and then I signaled to do so. I checked my mirror and saw him comming up behind me..so I maintained my lane and slowed down because I thought he was comming up rather fast. I checked the right mirror and directed my gaze again to the left mirror and saw that he had turned on his right blinker and was moving into my lane and into me. He then swerved back to his lane, past me and made the immediate right.

But according to deputy tubby dolittle I failed to maintain my lane. Anyway I am out of a lively hood and have to go job hunting again. I am not happy about that but people need people to work this time of year… I should be all right once I find a couple of small jobs. Sigh.

Trying again,



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