I went clubing but…

I went clubing but I didn’t enjoy myself. I found that I was very reserved and really not into the small crowd that had gathered itself at the venue that we were last night. I was at a swingers club. I hadn’t been to one in a very long time and now I remembered why. Though I like a little ‘strange’ from time to time and am kinky enough to let my SO (significant other) enjoy himself with some strange. I am very much the kinda girl that likes to spend time getting to know a lover. I really don’t get turned on at the idea of knotching my bedpost and I am just tried of having so so sex with someone I can’t hold accountable for it. LOL.

So what does that mean. Just that I am bored but not so bored as to accept anything from anybody who wanted to give it to me. I crave romance, sure. But I also crave decent sex from someone I know who isn’t just a penis lifesupport system.

I have also been craving the attentions of a woman. Now this is where you find out a little more about my bi side. I am VERY shy when it comes to women. Mostly because I want one so badly. A little girly chick to call my woman. Anyhoo, the other thing is that I am really bad at rejection. Not the stalking kinda bad at it, just reluctant to put myself though it a lot. With that being said I think that is what I have been missing. The chance to cuddle close to my very own girly and be some girl’s very own girly. I miss it. So here it is ladies…. LOL. I am on the market for a cute girl, race totally unimportant, who can handle being my woman while I have my man too. LOL. Skinny to very pleasealy plump, chatty and very affectionate girls encourgaged to apply.

Looking for Ms. Right,



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