Man… I love Blogging….

Man... I love Blogging.... magnify

I am in a good mood, I am trying this new suppliment, man I hope it helps with my appetite… when I am dieting, it seems endless. As I am typing, I took the suppliment, according to directions, almost an hour ago and I will be having my first shake of the morning. Mmm Cappuccino Delight. Oh and for those who might have been curious. I have also, *giggle*, developed a work out and meal sheet. Yea!.

So what else is going on? No I wasn’t paid by I imed them about the issue, created a ticket and have gotten no response. So please don’t use my link anymore. I will be moving to nite flirt ASAP. I will of course let you know how that works out. 😀

Mmm what else. Oh I will be changing my look as I am changing stylists. And damn it I want big big hair. Oh and I will be buying lingere soon :D. Yea!. So I will be taking pics and stuff. If anyone has any theme ideas I would love to know. Ok. So I will talk to y’all later. Smooches.


P.S.Oh this is a new pic 😛


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