Missing My Mother and My Baby

Baby Cider

Oh it has been like over 10years now since she has died and with that being said. I have to admit that I didn’t miss her as much yesterday as I did today. I miss you Mama. I wish you were here. I wish you could see your grand child, see that I am doing all right and know that I love you still and that I haven’t forgotten you.

Hell, maybe you do know. So for all y’all that still have your mother, you are very lucky. And for those that lost ours and are feeling like orphans in a dark and dirty world. We can huddle together, keep warm and keep a candle burning in our hearts for Mama. I speak for at least four people when I say I miss you everyday. The hurt doesn’t get less, I just learn to live with it.  How is forever mama? Your eldest missing you.

Now for my baby, who is living in Texas with her daddy. My fuzzy, little, mischevious baby. I love you and I will never be more sorry that I wasn’t able to take care of you like I wanted. If I had gotten this job say a year ago I could have kept her. But really she is a daddy’s girl and I think they are the cutest together.  So I posted a picture of her on the blog so you can see my baby. Sigh… I really do miss her.

To her daddy I say. Keep up the good work. She is happy and healthy. Thanks for being such a great daddy.



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