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I have been working on my writing skills. I guess more than the hot sex I used to write about that was really why I started writing this thing to begin with. But I think I will work even harder on those skills and maybe help some of y’all you know. So I guess when I can I will write a naughty story based on something that happened that probably doesn’t have anything to do with actual events. So with out further rambling from me……here is a slighty sexy halloween tale for you…
Here is a Tale of Pale Noir….
When She embraced me I was a creamy caramel mocha color with dark brown eyes. But as I felt my blood ebb and my strength fade I knew that those charateristics would change forever. When I awoke I was the color of milk stained with coffee, like what you would give a child for a taste of something adult and slightly forbidden. My dark brown eyes burned with a honey fire making them glow in the darkness at the mirror that I stared at. My sire had left me to my own to fend for myself in this world alone. I never felt so cold as in that moment wanting once again to feel her cold pale plump form encircle my warm brown one. I looked around myself and realized what I was… I was now a memeber of the legion of undead, I was a vampire. And I was hungry, so very hungry.
And knowing what it was that I was seeking I went out into the darkness in search of a warmth and a meal. I moved my pleasingly plump and luscious form out of the town house that I owned in Midtown Atlanta and down Euclid Street. Wearing my Hallows Eve costume to the party three nights ago had been something I though would be fun.. and it was.. just not quite what I expected. She was beautiful, with creamy skin the color of pale gold and a wicked smile, she had told me that she was just visiting a friend in town and sat down to talk to me. I was very interested in the views of this mysterious woman. She was dressed as a piratess with a cutlass, a large tricorn and with a red feather. She smiled and swayed… then she had me in her embrace and I didn’t want be let go and she wasn’t going to let me go. She whispered that I would then always be her Pale Noir, her pale black and that is when she stole the color from my cheeks and gave me the thirst that sends me out now.
I was still in my costume, it is a blue and green concoction with very full skirts and a very low cut neckline. “It was probably what drew her to me”, I thought as I chuckled to myself. And then I saw him, my first meal. He was tall, blonde and broad shouldered and more than able to donate a warm pint to my almost starving plumpness. I drew nearer and he turned to me smiling. I smiled back.. carefully. I drew him closer with my gaze and just as he thought I was going for the kiss, having him lean even further into me, I struck. He was so sweet and warm, wrapping me in his arms as he went falling to the slowly, ground. I knew I could drain him.. but feeding this way I knew I could call on him again if I was hungry and in need and a vampiress has many needs a man can certainly fill. I left him there, peaceful in sleep to wake up wondering what kind of night did he have to wake up disheavled in an alley with vague memories of a busty brown girl with glowing brown eyes.
Feeling refreshed I and almost sated for the moment I went to try out my reproductive skills. I moved about the town with the speed and grace of a tigeress hunting someone who would be mine in the way I belonged to Her. I saw him.. in the dark under a lamp light and smiled. He was pale already, dark hair and of a pleasant height being not too tall, if there is such a thing and certainly… not to short. His beast called to mine without him even turning around, I would embrace this one and like a shark mother leave him to fend for himself with vague memories and a hickey.
“Hello there”, I said as I smiled at the man. He smiled back and told me that he was going to get some coffee. I smiled the smile of a knowing woman as asked if he knew where I could get a nightcap at this hour. He smiled the smile of a cunning and intelligent hunter spying a doe and said that a night cap could be had back at the hotel he was staying at on business. We hailed a cab and were whisked away downtown to a majestic building of steel and glass towering high above the Atanta skyline. He and I made small talk, I even got his name.. Giovanni. The name rolled off my tongue like butter, soft and sweet in my slight southern accent. We got up to his room and he ordered a bottle of wine, red, we settled on a Shariz.
When it arrived we were already cuddled under blankets and he was amazed at how cold I had become in the late October chill. He poured the wine and drank. I smiled and nuzzled closer. I remember him sighing as I breathed deeply of his scent. He smelled like a man should, dark, and earthy with a hint of spice. He looked down at me and smiled as he leaned into to kiss me. I kissed him slowly and knew he was going to be a wonderful first childe. I flashed fang before I took him.. he started and I with my new strength held him and took the spicy flow of his veins. I felt him struggle less and less and then he was mine.. or would be in three nights.
I wonder how he is doing…..
Pale Noir, the glowing darkness

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