More bullshit someone else said…

tazman5_01: what is that for cant anyone admire someone with out a dirty look anymore
Mocha: because people now seem to mean dirty stuff when they say it.
Mocha: you can think it but saying is usually a bad thing
tazman5_01: ok whatever obviously your a bitch and cant look at compliments as compliments
tazman5_01: so why dont you do us all a favor and go somewhere where your not so defensive
Mocha: sigh.. again with the bitch.
Mocha: Ok even better want to disect this.
tazman5_01: you are one after your comment obviosuly if you have been called it before then obviously you are one go somewhere else like MSN or myspace and rank on men
Mocha: 1. I don’t need compliments to know how I look. 2. I wasn’t fishing for one so I am not sure what you expected… 3. I don’t really give a fuck how you personally feel about me since I don’t personally feel anything about you. 4. rejection is on thing but growing up is something that you should get to doing.
tazman5_01: oh too good for everyone complex haha
tazman5_01: shit get off your high horse
Mocha: no not at all. Just tired of the same tired bullshit that you and others like you think a conversation consists of.
tazman5_01: hmm same bullshit maybe your creating half of it prejudging people
Mocha: Why don’t you go learn a few more social skills and then talk to someone. Maybe then you could learn to salvage a conversation instead of jumping to the easiest conclusion.. loser.
tazman5_01: hmm my social skils are far beyond someone of your nature
Mocha: then move on.
tazman5_01: why dont you and your people go back to your land of africa since it was so wonderful
Mocha: or is getting last word the most important thing for you?
tazman5_01: nah it isnt the most important thing i am tired of your race complaining about everything nad getting your way because of your ancestry
tazman5_01: blacks might have once been opressed but now are the whiners
tazman5_01: and most are on welfare while other people choose to work
Mocha: What the fuck? Africa? I have never been to africa. Damn ignorant white people. Look I happen to be of African, Cherokee and Irish decent. I can’t just seperate myself for your benefit. If you hate people who are different from yourself so much go back to Europe or crawl under a rock.
Mocha: But the only place I am going back to is a place without you. You childish, racist bastard.
tazman5_01: and look who has the last word
Mocha: grow up
tazman5_01: raciest nah i am a realist that knows the facts
Mocha: You know nothing. and that is the sad part.
tazman5_01: again
tazman5_01: the last word eh

Sigh.. amazing how a someone can show so many of their true colors when being rejected. I wonder if people think I should be happy, and jolly and just generally glad someone said anything nice to me to the point of getting on cam and showing my tits to anyone who asks? Naw people don’t really think like that.



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