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I just wanted to share with you the type of conversations that would happen no matter what. Wheither I was building porn sites and doing phone sex and cam shows or not. Some of your women out there have had this conversation today or will. But I find that a lot of men don’t really understand why women online maybe a little cold, standoffish or just damn distrustful. The ones who are normal tell us we should be more forgiving, believe me what they are asking for is to be long suffering. The ones that are creepy themselves and are a little better at hiding it hate that we have cut through the shit before they let it hit the fan.  So I am going to try to shed a little light on what goes on from a female’s perspective. Here is a short conversation that I had this morning with a stalker…

abraham18423: hi cuddle
Mocha: stop stalking me.
abraham18423: y? u r angry with me
Mocha: I don’t know you.
Mocha: why are you messaging me?
abraham18423: cuze i like u
Mocha: stop stalking me.
Mocha: creepy ass bastard.
abraham18423: yes
abraham18423: i like ur black ass also
abraham18423: ur very sexy u wanna c my12 inch black cock?

Lets break this down. I don’t like getting random messages when I am not in a room.  I really hate it. Because it says to me that someone decided to start stalking me. I know this because getting me to add someone to my list is like getting gold bars out of Fort Knox, it isn’t easy and there are more effiencent ways to get what you want with out bothering me or Fort Knox.

Anyway, let us continue. Yeah dudes, rule 1 of chasing a girl you like, stalking… bad. Observing from a distance, good.  Talking about a black girls ass, wheither you are black or not, bad. Suggesting that I have great dick sucking lips… very bad. Remember don’t assume that a woman you want, wants you. When you do make that assumption and she is not responsive or receptive then you have fucked up royally. And no there is no salvaging the situation, you should move on to more accessible prey.

Oh and one more thing. Most women know exactly what 6 inches looks like. Lying about your size is really kinda pointless because even if you do have some kinda of freak show cock or you are just some average joe we aren’t generally impressed. Because all it is is a cock, not the man but a dick… that works.. sometimes and not as often or as well as either of us would like it to. And there are enough dudes with big cocks that can’t fuck and dudes with little ones that can that size isn’t always a good indicator of skill. Just the truth, men are more impressed by thier cock than any woman.

Let your cock be a suprise for some girl that actually wants it. Keep it in your pants, believe me it is easier to talk a girl out of her panties if you have a personality then it is get into the same panties after you have pissed her off.

Just a little advice you didn’t ask for,



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