Oh right..

It has been a while, a friend of mine was telling me. So here it is. An update.

I got a new job, working from home. Yes I am doing phone sex again. It is the only thing that will replace my earnings and afford me time to work on my other ventures. I am poised to do my first corset. I can’t wait.. so for those who are thinking that they might want one… keep your measurement poised 😛 I will do 2 more corsets and then see what I can come up with :P.

Got some bad news. A friend of mine, one of my best friends is positive. He got it from someone he thought he could trust. So instead of love and honesty he got something else. I will be there for him and care for him and be his best friend. It is all I have.. and I want to give this to him. My friend.

I still pine for my ex husband. I think I more pine for him as a person than for being with him again, though sometimes I wonder. We did have some wonderful time and his love is the love I measure all others against. Funny that. I called him recently, wished him well and meant it. Told him to cuddle Cider for me. Secretly wished I were a better wife when I had the chance. Hoped he would be happy with out me if he can’t be happy with me. But what I told him was that I wished him well. And ran off the phone before I gushed out my feelings. Coward, I know. But I do want to be friends and am working to be friends with him.

I am still plugging away at my relations with the current. Trying hard as I might to be a good woman. I have a ways to go.

I am looking forward to dragon con, I will take pictures and actually post them this year. 😛 I will look so cute as Summer’s Abundance. I will have to show you what I mean a little later. Anyhoo.

Thinking of my friends and loved ones,



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