Oh the pic is totally unrelated but…

Tiger tagged me and I kinda liked it…Ok so here we go with the things, small truths about me that you may or maynot know… mm who will I tag?

1. People who know me would say the saddest time of my life was when I lost my mother… I would say it was watching my father miss her after she was gone for as long as I could stand to watch it.

2. I have ADHD. I have always had it though it was made worse when I was 10 and in a car accident that damaged my little head. I have a very hard time concentrating, focusing on things that I should and remembering things that just were said or that I ought.

3. I have a frightening sex drive. I say that because I have never had a partner, other than my ex keep up with my gluttonous sex drive. He held out there for about 4 years before giving up entirely and it was wonderful. My sex drive is a constant source of frustration and a fair amount of misery. In my head I think what I want is perfectly reasonable, not like I want whips or chains, often. Just that I want someone can kiss and kiss for hours, who can be naughty but not foul and never tell me no to sex. Romantic without being gushy. I know.. simple but difficult.

4. I am intensely shy and very unsure about myself and where I fit in the world at least in my head. But I am also just as intensely stubborn and bullheaded and when I get in my head a notion to do something I will do it and will push my tendancy to be the wall flower of out the way to feel like I am living life as it should be lived.

5. I love to make things with my hands, crochet, sewing, crafts, cooking. I love it gives me a joy I can’t easily explain.

So here it is I am tagging. Major, Voodoo, Miss Deezle, Mango, Irish and last and not least Nilla.



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