Ok so time for a new plan…

…. I actually was going to do this before I was unable to get the schedule that I needed at the little job I had…

I had decided that I was going to Hair school and learn cosmotology and develop my costuming skills. 1. It would help with the video production if we don’t have to hire a hair/makeup chick as I would do that. 2. It would help if I had my own business that I could basicly make my availablity known a head of time. 3. I would be able to express myself artisticly 4. I always liked the idea of doing it as a stepping stone career. 4. Weave is fun.

So it looks like I will be doing it one way or the other. I have already picked out a school and would need to get the funds together.. and a job that could work with me on hours.. something flexible and not too draining.

Lets see what I can get into,


P.S. if you happen to be in the Atlanta area and are in need of braids or a perm… let me know. M.


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