Party :D

So I went to this really cool ass party. It was what they called a ‘grown folks’ party. I had been invited to come over at the last second seemingly. I was in the mood to do something interesting, and my boyfriend and I were interested in getting laid by new people. Now you have to understand something about my basic nature… I am VERY VERY VERY VERY picky. I love having sex with new people.. LOVE it, but I won’t play with everyone. If I am not interested then I am really not interested. With that being said let me continue.

I was there wearing a crocheted camo skirt and itty bitty little top and sky high heels. We got there and well nothing happened for about 2 hours. I was getting cranky. Moved on to the passion party part of the whole thing, it was cool. Bought some dick cream in peppermint… now that was the bomb. Mmm minty fresh dick. And we were the first couple to do anything.. I sucked.. and boy did I suck my boyfriend’s cock for at least half an hour. Then the chicks started to get undressed and put on some sexy stuff. The men, being men got thier dicks out. And the party really started.

But again.. we didn’t really play with other’s. I and he are really picky. We didn’t get anywhere with anyone else till the end when he and I kissed one of the co-hostess, man can that girl kiss. So all in all it was a good entertaining night. Lots of oral sex. LOTS. And everyone seemed to have a good time. What I am going to have to do is crochet some more skirts šŸ˜› Anyway I will talk to y’all lata.



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