Printing a retraction regarding

This is regarding a previous entry that I posted and this is the conversation resulting this conversation and my formal retraction. ENJOY 😀

adultcamstaffing: Remove that shit until to night please or I will post stuff about you as well
Mocha .: I will not be intimidated and bullied by you. You post what you want and then we can let the lawyers decide. Thanks.
adultcamstaffing: sorry ? we paid you ?
adultcamstaffing: we paid you you even said this in the ticket
Mocha .: When because I never recieved my funds
adultcamstaffing: you said even our company name and that you received the cash
adultcamstaffing: you did
adultcamstaffing: worldwide streaming biz
adultcamstaffing: from the netherlands
Mocha .: Then I will have to check the records again but I will not remove anything. but I will be more than happy to write an entry retracting my statements if I find that you have paid me and when it was recieved and that should be the end of it.
Mocha .: If that isn’t good enough then get your lawyers to contact mine.
adultcamstaffing: Message added on: 9/13/2006 11:13:24 PM
Message: I think I found the transaction where you paid me.. I could be wrong but this is what it said…

08/08 INCOMING WIRE 44.16

was this y’all. If so thanks, if not.. well darn just forget about it and we will work to see if the epassporte doesn’t work better for me.

adultcamstaffing: oki do that please today .and regarding lawyers…
adultcamstaffing: your in the usa iam based in NL and switzerland swiss is neutral to all lawyers as you knwo
adultcamstaffing: so it would get all dirts and messy on the net if you like that i have no problem with that
Mocha .: Great but I have the right to bring suit to you here I don’t have to file in NL to be a bother to you.
adultcamstaffing: or we , you could just put the recors straight and remove that
Mocha .: Because if it wasn’t an issue then you wouldn’t be so upset now.
adultcamstaffing: sure iam upset, because you do not tell the truth
Mocha .: And if you keep pushing and theatneing me then I will of course post this conversatoin and let at least 300 potential customers know how you treat people.
adultcamstaffing: and i do not like that may biz is getting bad light because you cant check you bank accounts
adultcamstaffing: ok finish it now you have oit
adultcamstaffing: i post you stuff now onn our url
adultcamstaffing: thanks
Mocha .: so please either we drop this now and move on. Or I look up the info and if needed print a retaction or we can continue to bother each other about this. But if you do anything criminal then I suggest you get to work.
adultcamstaffing: remove the post
adultcamstaffing: then it will stop
adultcamstaffing: Iam not dropping it, remove the post. please !

So they have threatened me with posting my information online. The only recourse that I have at this point is to make sure that cover my finances, call SS and put the alert on my social and then contact my lawyer and see what we can do to a NL company that is trying to blackmail me about my blog and something that happened six or seven months ago but I do have to print a retraction because I was actually paid.

08/08/2006 Miscellaneous Credit WORLDWIDE STREAMING BUSI   $44.16

So now this issue should be dropped. However I doubt that this will be enough to satisfy. We will see.

Sorry to anyone who was unable to cum because I wasn’t on the cam. And sorry to Adultcamstaffing for any confusion that this may have caused. But I still say that bullying me to do what you want is not the way to communicate with your contractors. Thank you



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