Reasons why my cam will no longer be free.

Not even to friends.

demon banner: Image
Mocha: morning
demon banner: Imagehows ma doll
Mocha: I am fine
demon banner: long time no see bebe
demon banner: whats  up with ya cam
Mocha: I am not using it anymore for freebies.
Mocha: it just doesn’t make sense and I hate being on it.
demon banner: okies  great so u started doing shows
Mocha: I will soon… I want to get a few things done on my end before I start up again.
demon banner: kool

I think it goes with that whole conversation I was having with someone who used to be a friend. I don’t want to be bothered doing it, it isn’t like they are paying me for the experience. And that general feeling of entitlement that some ‘men’ have… so many won’t even talk to you unless you have a cam. Not that they have much to say or say anything that I want to hear, just that it seems a total waste.

What else is going on… not much. The car is almost done, thank goodness. I am going to have to save some funds for the thing but it is almost driveable. sheez. I will update you when it is done mechanicly.

My diet… is in serious trouble. I need some motivation. I keep cheating.. or damn near passing out, well it seems like it. I hate being hungry, obviously or I wouldn’t be so overweight. I should exercise more… you go walking and stuff. But I don’t feel safe enough that some yahoo in a pickup won’t just hit me. Sigh…

Ok so I am complaining… and I am lazy. I hate that I am so lazy really. I think it is my worst fault… but I am working on it. This weekend I am supposed to spend time with a best friend of mine and we are going to go to the Dragon Con. It is a nerd event held every year in Atlanta. I made a new outfit for the thing and everything. I will post pics when I get back.

Well anyway.. I got to catch a nap,



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