Remember Conversations with a Friend?…

Same friend… same old conversation. At least this is the last one… Again, I welcome all comment, for those who don’t know. I recently had a conversation with someone I knew for a very long time and he said to me that since I was doing porn sites and cam work that he basicly didn’t want to pay because it would be like he was buying my affection. Riiiight, but you can read the whole transcript on Conversations with a friend… incase you missed it.

So here is the transcript of the last conversation… thankfully it is shorter this time.

justsayin: hey Mocha my dear, hows everything going

Mocha: Fine.

justsayin: yeah?

justsayin: whats new

Mocha: I got a cold.

justsayin: awww, that sux

justsayin: in the end of summer?

Mocha: yeah happens.

Mocha: Why on Earth are you messaging me knowing how long my memory for hurt is?

justsayin: well, i guess i thought id see if u maybe had moved on, i mean considering it was nothing malicious

justsayin: are you saying your still mad

Mocha: I am saying I am still pissed.

justsayin: well then thats ur perogative, if you ask me though your being completely childish and unreasonable, so much so to they point where im not even going to try and convince you to do otherwise, i cant understand how someone could be so selfish, so unwilling to look at things from their own selfish perspective that your realized its not too big of a deal and just let it go, i said sorry, it was a misunderstanding, but you know what, i dont even wanna work it out, cuz if you wanna act like that, thats fucking disgusting and i dont even wanna deal with it, so suit yourself

Mocha: Agreed. I don’t want to talk to you and you don’t want to talk to me. You have a good life. I hope all the good things happen to you. Bye.

justsayin: and i hope you see the big picture, this is why you cant find a good boyfriend, this is why men call women bitches, and give even the good ones a bad name, wake the fuck up, theres more people in the world who have needs besides your fucking selfish ass, you bitch

justsayin: but dont get me wrong

justsayin: i have seen a beautiful side to me

justsayin: and if u ever wanna let that out

justsayin: hit me up im more than happy to experience that with you

Mocha: anything else… because I am not sure I am getting the total gist of your rant and I want to be sure you didn’t miss anything.

justsayin: listen

justsayin: i dont think ur a bad person

Mocha: Of course not.

justsayin: a certain part of me is attracted to you

justsayin: on a big level and thats what makes this hard

justsayin: but i just cant deal with you being this unreasonable, i mean im only human and if your gonna crucify me for that, i dunno what i can do

Mocha: Again I am not saying anything but goodbye. It is just that I am sure this time.

justsayin: Do you at least understand where im coming from, does the fact that I didnt mean to hurt your feelings, I said sorry and felt bad when I did, and gave it some time, does that mean anything to you?  Do you at least recognize the effort im putting into this?

Mocha: I hear the words and maybe one day you will realize how much you hurt me.. maybe you won’t. Doesn’t matter now. I just want to move on. I won’t be answering any more messages from you in the future. But really have a good life and all that other stuff.

justsayin: wtf

justsayin: how much i hurt you

justsayin: i was telling you that i dont wanna fuckin buy your sexuality

justsayin: doesnt that mean anything to you?

justsayin: do you think it would be healthy for me to buy a wife

justsayin: or someone to have sex with

justsayin: im not saying

justsayin: theres ne thing wrong with u doin it to other people

justsayin: i just couldnt do it, considering the way i feel towards you

justsayin: tell me why that makes me a bad person?

justsayin: if you have any fucking morals besides money and getting over

Mocha: can we end this I am still not in the mood to talk about this. And you don’t get how asking for a freebie when you know that is part of how I make my living is insulting, degrading and a waste of my time. I am not saying go to the site and buy anything. I saying that to make that comment at all and then sugar it with I don’t want to buy your affection is a load of bullshit. I am not saying you are a bad person, but I am now saying that you are a person I will have to cut out of my life because I can see how you really feel about how I make part and at some point all of my living.

justsayin: i never said i wanted a fucking freebie

justsayin: i never asked for a freebie

justsayin: i didnt even say i wanted to see it

justsayin: i just said i didnt want to pay

justsayin: trust me

justsayin: this is not about me being cheap

justsayin: or trying 2 get a freebie or degrade you

Mocha: Oh and my morals isn’t what is being debated it is how you assume your morals afford you a free ride or something. What the fuck ever. Just don’t message me, then I won’t get mad and you won’t get mad and I won’t be bothered with this shit. I don’t want to talk to you about this. I don’t even want to know you any more. I want to move on from this quietly. Bye

This is when I ignored him. Sigh.

I am kinda tired of conversations like this one. Where someone continues to back pedal. Sigh… I got to make more use of that damn ignore button.


P.S. Because yahoo is so buggy, I got this when I logged in today…

justsayin: i hope your fucking crying

justsayin: cuz thats what u deserve you bitch




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