Searching for a crab and I guess husband #3

Your True Love Is a Cancer

Why you’ll love a Cancer:

Cancer’s loyal and sincere heart makes your own sensitive heart melt.
Caring and devoted, a Cancer will take the lead in pursuing you – and not give up!

Why a Cancer will love you:

You’re laid back enough to deal with Cancer’s little mood swings and freak-outs.
A fellow homebody, you know how make Cancer comfortable and at home with you.

Well lets see. I married 2 cancers. The first was a little king crab who thought he was in control and wanted me to fit into this little box of a set of ideals and be the good little house wife. The second was a little hermit crab who wanted to share his little shell with me. And I was so happy for a so long but because I stopped being happy and he stopped being happy and we stopped trying to figure out how to be happy… it fell apart. Really I think it was time for each of us to be alone for a while.

Anyway… I was sure #2 was my true love, and to be honest deep down inside I still think it might be true… but that is water under the bridge. I can’t even hope to capture that again with that little crab.
I guess I said all of that to say that the person I am with right now isn’t right for me either. I don’t have my emotional needs met. I recently had to go to the doctor and have now found out that I should seriously consider moving somewhere else and get away from carpet and everything else that I am allergic to. Makes me kinda sad. But since I don’t live in the city anymore I have to figure out where in the world I want to call home.
I know the kinda love I want. I want it to be intense, physically explosive and very tender. I know I want to be with someone who is interested in moving about the world in a forward and as positive a fashion as possible. I want to be with someone who feels like he can tell me anything even if I think it might be silly because he knows I will do the same. Someone who can cry during a movie, someone who wants to kiss me like I was air and water. Someone who likes that I love to make things by hand, that I have a couple of strange hobbies and that wants to keep the magic of life in her life. I want someone who craves a good cuddle as much as I do. Who will ask for a hug and to be snuggled up with me and not think it is a waste of time. But then again I want someone who can say.. ok enough snuggling… we have things to do. I want someone who believes in our dreams, who I can totally give my heart to, bruised, patched and a little broken and he will give me his, bruised, patched and a little broken.
I want someone who is interested in being himself and will not settle for being half a person because he has a penis.

Are you out there little crab?
P.S. Just because you are a cancer does not mean you are the little crab for me.


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