Sigh.. I need to lose more weight :P

It could be worse. It has been better. I am doing well with the workouts and I am eating halfway decent. But I have got to get better with the cravings.  So I am going suppliment hunting.

What brought this on.. oh just a need to lose a certain amount of weight and get nice and tight.. I can’t be all too thick.. just ain’t sexy. So as a reward.. if I do all of my workouts, and eat right that week I get to go to the Swingers club and have some fun. If not… then I have to wait till I do. I work well on a reward system. I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do when I lose all the weight… maybe a trip somewhere I have to be naked all the time 😛 that sounds fun.

Anyway.. I will chat later



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