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ImageImageBut I will do it later.

What I am going to write about now is why is feminine a dirty word? And don’t give up being a woman because someone is blaming everyone but themself about the world around them.

Main Entry: 1fem·i·nine Image
Pronunciation: 'fe-m&-n&n
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French feminin, from Latin femininus, from femina woman; akin to Old English delu nipple, Latin filius son, felix, fetus, & fecundus fruitful, felare to suck, Greek thElE nipple
1 : FEMALE 1a(1)
2 : characteristic of or appropriate or unique to women <feminine beauty> <a feminine perspective>
3 : of, relating to, or constituting the gender that ordinarily includes most words or grammatical forms referring to females <a feminine noun>
4 a : being an unstressed and usually hypermetric final syllable <a feminine ending> b of rhyme : having an unstressed final syllable c : having the final chord occurring on a weak beat <music in feminine cadences>
fem·i·nine·ly adverb
Image /-n&(n)-n&s/ noun

I will also, because it is a reference use the webster defination of female:


Main Entry: 1fe·male Image
Pronunciation: 'fE-"mAl
Function: adjective
1 a (1) : of, relating to, or being the sex that bears young or produces eggs (2) : PISTILLATE b (1) : composed of members of the female sex <the female population> (2) : characteristic of girls or women <composed for female voices> <a female name>
2 : having some quality (as gentleness) associated with the female sex
3 : designed with a hollow or groove into which a corresponding male part fits <the female coupling of a hose>
fe·male·ness noun

Ok now that I have done that. I will give you a link to the blog entry that sparked my ire and interest.

Mostly ire because the tone of language was very negative and very confrontational. I don’t really like how some women aren’t interested in doing much but complaining about a situation and not at all interested in finding solutions to it. Oh and I don’t like men bashing on a grossly general level, I like to do it one man at a time. Some of them don’t often deserve bashing. It is the same with woman bashing… it is a truely pointless exercise, if you don’t have any real ideas for solutions to the issue.

Ok now that you have read all of this information. Or maybe you haven’t I will get on my soap box and actually talk about how I feel about being fem. For the record, I like being girly but I dislike pink, I like being cute and damn it I LOVE wearing corsets and heels. 

But there is a time and a place for everything. A corset on the tennis field, unless you got boobs like mine, isn’t it. The other thing about corsets, they really aren’t uncomfortable.

I know that is contrary to everything you think you know about the undergarment… but. People who have been doing either the extremes in tightlacing, people who don’t know what the hell they are doing and people who are just trying to sell a corset have been saying and demonstating that a corset can be torture. However a corset should be tailored to the wearer, should be very comfortable and you should be able to breathe quite normally. If these things aren’t true then you have been bamboozaled. Plain and simple, and for the girls that lace real tight and the flesh is overflowing from the back, yeah you look pretty stupid and really gross.

Oh and on the subject of feminisim and stuff like that. If you really want to know what I think. I think that the feminist movement was a white woman’s movement that became a lesbians movement and the point of equality between the sexes has moved to denoucing everything about being a woman, choosing to have a family or not, the inequity in pay, to the idea that looking like a man is some kinda virtue. What white women were going through and the ideas that they had were different from what was going on in minority communities at the same time. Asians , Latins and Black women all have different relational issues with thier men than other groups. I would never assume that the issues that I as a black woman have with black men or for that matter any other man would really relate all that much to what my white sisters are going through. For example, I don’t feel much pressure to be thin, I don’t care what the ‘mainstream’ says, if I don’t have a decent sized and shaped ass, I won’t be happy with my body. Being skinny isn’t something that really was a physical goal for me as a woman, looking like a woman and not a boy was. I hear that is different for white chicks… I could be wrong.

I am not saying that any woman should grow out her butch cut, or should pay tons of cash for colored dirt they call makeup or sit on her ass and eat bonbons if that isn’t something she wants to do. I am saying that being a woman isn’t some singular thing and that maybe if we as women could come together and stop bickering about the fine details of womanhood and realize that one of the greatist freedoms that our foremothers sufferd for was the choice to be who we wanted to be and who we really are.

So lace up either your corset or your nikes and get out there,


P.S. Sometimes sextoy, sometimes tomboy and fulltime woman.


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