Slim Fast Shakes taste like….

Hell I don’t know what they taste like. I try not to think that hard with I am drinking them. But now that my Mother in Law and my Step mom have both lost like 40 odd pounds a piece and my little sister went from being tall and chunky to tall and kinda skinnier than I have ever seen her, I mean her face even looks different, I feel like I need to get on the stick.

I am too fat, don’t tell me I am not. You didn’t know me 100 lbs ago. But I did and the memory of that body haunts, so I am on SlimFast, and periodicly working out. I got to get consistant with the working out. I always find that I have to do both, not just one or the other to lose weight. And to of course keep focused.

So what else is going on. Well I tried a cam site. Made the min to get paid to see how it was. I guess I will be sure the payment didn’t go through tomorrow. Sigh.. I really hate that. Damn scammers.

I will talk to y’all more later


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