So I went to go get fitted again…

I went to a store which I will of course give a shout out when I actually get a bra and break that sucker in. Any hoo I went to go get fitted…again. They say every time you lose or gain 10 lbs you should have your bra size reevaluated. So I had lost about 12lbs and felt I needed a pick me up, in a manner of speaking.

I went with my boyfriend’s mother because she wouldn’t bullshit me and she doesn’t hold back either. There I am standing without a shirt or bra with some tiny little tattooed elf telling me that the tit fairy beat me with the titty stick. Now this is interesting. They don’t use a measuring tape to get the size. Which I can understand…

Ok, you don’t get it… let me give you an example. Do you measure milk with a ruler? Then why wouldn’t you measure boobs with the cup they are supposed to fill, the strap can be altered to the correct size. The cup… with a wire? Not so easy.

Ok so the verdit for those who have been salavating to the idea of me standing there, helpless without a bra on… I am 40K/J. They aren’t sure but they were able to stuff me into an I. Sigh.. they were actually pretty amazed that I currently stuff myself into a DDD but that is about the biggest size cup you can get in a regular store.

Anywoo. I was kinda relived that I could be fitted there with stuff they have in their inventory. Though I will be online looking for stuff for them to alter as well. Hey maybe I should go into the bra making and altering business. Hell or import them…. mmmmm.

Bra stuffing with real boobs,



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