So let me catch you up…

Things that have recently happened to my boyfriend and I last week; let us start with the double date. My boyfriend got in touch with a couple, site unseen, and we planned a late night date close to where they were. I was hopeful and he was excited. Oh, and did I mention that they were sight unseen. We got to the Best Western, classy digs, can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?, and we settled into waiting on the people to come down from the probably tangy smelling den of debauchery. They were taking a very long time to come down or maybe I was impatient, could have been both, that is always a bad sign. When they came down I could feel my sex drive crawl back inside me for safety. I was appalled, I don’t have anything personal against truckers or those who may look or act like them, but they don’t turn me on. He wasn’t entirely unattractive; I could have taken one for the team. Or at least I could have if I weren’t so grossed out about the chick he was with. Man she was not cute, like big, real big, and I don’t mean just tall, and not the cute chunky, I mean ewww or mooo. I won’t go into details about her or her teased out blondeness but I will say that smoking is the single most selfish, gross and disgusting habits and I will not forgive it, I like kissing too much, and they both smelled of ashtray…….sexy. We suffered through a meal and begged off with tales of working too hard and hightailed it home. We have not heard from them again. Sigh.

Oh Friday I went to shopping, my boyfriend was feeling like he should make amends for not getting me anything for my birthday, and I agreed. We went to the mall to find me a gift. I settled on some cute little gold earrings that I adore and on the way out I decided to bite the bullet and find out what my bra size really is. Ick… I hadn’t been measured for  30lbs and needed to measured several times stating 50lbs ago. So I had been putting it off. But I was tired of the man made torture devices and decided to see what the deal was. I went to a Fredericks of Hollywood and got measured. Sigh… I am a 40J… yes ABCDEFGHIJ. I can only go to one store in the whole of the city of Atlanta to get the bra that would even begin to take on this set of tig o’biddies. I don’t even know how I feel except really really fat and freakish. I thought it was bad when I was an F but damn a J? So I made a decision, besides losing weight… like 50lbs. I have decided that I am going to wear corsets and not bras and give my shoulders a break for a change. If I have to pay $100 a bra I might as well pay that for a decent corset of 4. Anyway…they are sexier… and just as uncomfortable.

Later in that day I had a taste for something naughty so I asked my boyfriend if I could go to the swingers club on a Friday night. He reluctantly said yes, since I was a good sport for the date earlier in the week. Now for those who don’t know what Fridays are like then let me tell you. It is a bit of a free for all especially at the Swingers club I usually visit. In what way, well it the way that there aren’t many women and LOTS of SINGLE HORNY MEN. Maybe like one woman for every thirty men… Great for me… bad for everyone else, including my boyfriend, oh well. So I did I get laid, yes. Did I have fun, yes and will I go back… yeah but not with my boyfriend, I won’t subject him to that kind of torture.

So let me elaborate. For those who care I was wearing a dark brown shirt, cut low across the shoulders and with no bra, GOOD LORD a green camouflage shirt, no panties and heels. I did my usual ritual of masturbating before I get my night started but it is usually interrupted by some horny dude jacking his cock blah blah. I wasn’t really in the mood for the High Concept Porn, you know that weird stuff with rubber clothes and gimp masks and people tied to furniture and commentary….anyway they were playing but the girl was sucking the cock pretty well and then they were in some pretty interesting positions. So I was getting into jacking off, that is what I call it, and I must have been exciting to someone because that someone sat next to me asked if he could help me out. I figured what the hell and let him eat me out, I didn’t cum but it wasn’t bad. I finished and moved on. I decided that I wanted to go to the dark room and ‘see’ what was going on.

The dark room is pitch black and even though there is a  light coming from the observation side of the room there really wasn’t much light till you got used to the little bit that was there. When I am in there I feel like a trapped animal wondering who might be touching me or where they could be lurking. Thrilling really, but god knows I hate cold hands and a lot of men have cold, rough hands or they are clammy and sweaty… eww.

I grew a little tired of cold ands contracting hot cocks and decided to watch what was going on in the dungeon. So there I was five or seven dudes around me, some daring to grope me, one almost got smacked for being unattractive and trying me. Anyway I was watching some short little older white MILF get tied to some swing where she is lying down on her back and get sexually used to satisfy two black dudes, one of which tried to talk to me earlier in the evening. One in each hole.. mouth and pussy. And dude working the twat was working hard, banging it out. So much so that the “Dom”, some really really old dude, was dripping lube to keep the engine running so to speak.  I got bored with that show and the young dude who was stressing me and went back to the dark room. Don’t get me wrong the little boy was cute, pretty really, but I don’t like pretty in men. But when I was back in that dark room and he was sucking on my tits and feeling on my pussy. I didn’t really care about pretty and he didn’t care either. He bent me over some unnamed piece of furniture and fucked me, he fucked me like only the young can. Like that was the late piece of pussy of the month, because he has no money, girl or prospects. LOL.

So I was still in the room, plenty of condom lube and pussy juice to keep the wolves wanting. I started to back away toward a corner and thought I was alone until I felt someone behind me. He had nice hands and though short had a nice body and a cool dick. I was enticing him by stroking ever so gently and whispering to him about what might turn him on. Later I find out that he is an avid thick black chick fan and loves tits, who knew? Anyway we were in the dark and I was stroking his cock when his dick suddenly started to go limp and he just as suddenly asked me how many hands I had and I answered the customary two. He sighed and told the owner of that third hand that if he wanted to keep that hand that he and that hand would have to move on. Unfortunately for me he moved over to where I was and grabbed my ass, I grabbed his balls and said that if wanted to keep those as well that he would keep everything else off me.  

I decided that it might be prudent to move to a more secluded location to continue our play and choose a room that was generally used for such purposes. I closed and locked the door and he promptly got naked. And whoa what a nice cock, not too thick, shame, but hard and very ready. He fucked me like I owned him money and he was going to take it out of my ass. We went through like two or three condoms and thirty minutes. I was impressed. I didn’t know that software engineers were so passionate. It must be the hours spent looking at a computer screen with free porn just beyond their grasp. He he

Anyway I hope that caught you up. I will write later.



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