So let me catch you up

Red Haired

To start, I hope you had a Happy ChristmaChannaKwanzaca, Happy New Year, Merry Winter Solstice.. so on and so forth. That should take care of most of you.

Ok so what have I been up to? Not much..working the regular job. Ohhh I didn’t tell y’all about this. I am buying my dream car and kind of car is it??? A 1974 Volkswagon Karmann Ghia… I will get a pic of it later. Any who I am having it restored and put together.

But on to the juicy bits. Sex, what have I been doing, well other than my boyfriend, nothing at all. I haven’t been any where, seen anything and I have rarely been on cam. Though that is all changing. I am on cam more often now, don’t stalk me, and I am working on my porn star image, i.e losing a weight stuff like that. Still looking for that chick to be naughty with, to go shoe shopping with and buy slutty things for when we go out. Looking also for that sex puppet male type… you know a Ken doll I can fuck. My boyfriend is great but he is only one man.. and I am a lot of woman. Image

The good news is that the site is finished. The bad is that it probaly won’t be up till Febuary, what I am waiting for is the renewal of business licenses blah blah blah. Febuary, I know I said Thanksgiving and I thought I would be.. but bare with me a little longer. I promise to make it worth your while Image.

So about me. Why not right? I am doing all right, like I said I am over worked, lost a little weight.. like 5lbs. It is a start and I plan on working out more.. toning, getting smaller but not small. I know some of y’all like me a little thick.. and believe me I plan on being thick just not this thick 😛 So it progresses.

What else.. I am sure I will think of it later. I will of course talk to y’all before my birthday.

Smooches and Hot Sex,



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