So now I am a bitch…

dashing_ronnie_macguire2010: hey
Mocha: ah… hi
dashing_ronnie_macguire2010: ah how r u?
dashing_ronnie_macguire2010: Image
Mocha: fine
dashing_ronnie_macguire2010: Image
Mocha: mm maybe you should go and message someone who would welcome the intrusion.
dashing_ronnie_macguire2010: u dont have to act like a bitch if u dont wanna talk then fuck off or next time dont fuckin reply
Mocha: Well then fuck off. Oh and in the acting like a bitch thing.. well you could have kept your bullshit in the room, been a civilized human being and asked to message me.. but you didn’t and this is what you got. So go take your wounded pride and your tail between your legs and shove off.
Mocha: give it up dweeb

Why do people think they are entitled to the complete and utter attention of someone they imposed them self on to?

Reality and Rejection,



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