Someone sent me a test.. here are the results.

You’re an ideal match for al fresco loving!

Al fresco

A free spirit like you should not be surprised to be matched to an outdoor venue for the call of the wild. We get the feeling that you’re more tuned into green issues than you may realise, so why not take the hippy hobby of tree hugging a step further by hugging under a tree? Or even in the middle of a field? Ah, we can just imagine the sensations, a sun kissed breeze caressing the areas that are normally confined and covered up. The melodious warbles of the birds in the trees enhancing the bass line beat of your heavy breathing. Not to mention the thorns that stick into your bum, the ants that run up your leg, or the passing pigeon that drops a message of good luck on you. Doing the wild thing outdoors is a bed of roses, beautiful, but with the potential for personal injury and embarrassment. However, we know that you’re not one to be put off by a challenge, so we’re sure that between the two of you, you’ll manage to rise to the occasion.

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